Facility Guidelines

Updated as of February 8, 2019

Youth under 13 years of age must be in the facility with a parent or legal adult who holds a JLAAC Membership or Day Pass.


Aquatic Center

 (includes pool area & sauna)

Youth age 5 and under, guardians must be in the water within arm’s reach of the child(ren).

     o Maintain reasonable distance when your child(ren) uses the play structure.

     o Guardians and reasonably older siblings may accompany small children on the slides. 

Youth between the ages of 6-9, guardians must be in the pool area.

Youth ages 10-12 can be in the pool area unaccompanied

     o A parent or guardian must be in the building. 

Youth in the Lap Lanes

     o Ages 7-12 must complete the swim test and wear the provided wristband

     o Ages 6 and under can enter the shallow end of the lap lanes with a life jacket and an adult guardian and should not 

        go deeper than where their adult guardian can touch. 2 kids per adult ratio.

Lap Swim/Adult Swim times that do not overlap with Open Swim are for members and guests ages 18 years +.

     o Children may be present, and the play structure may be on when Lap Swim/Adult Swim overlaps with Open Swim.

State pool/sauna rules and capacity are posted in the pool area.

The pool is only 7 Feet. 

     o No diving or head-first entries anywhere from the pool deck.

     o No flips or twists of any kind

No one is allowed outside of the locker rooms and pool area without a shirt or shoes.

     o  No street shoes in the pool area

No holding another patron while swimming in water higher than chest deep.

     o  This includes parents with small children.

Before entering the pool, it is highly recommended that you shower.

     o All children participating in pool activities are encouraged to use the restroom.

     o Shower after using the sauna, before entering the pool.

Only swimwear made of nylon, polyester, and/or spandex is allowed in the pool.

     o The JLAAC is not responsible for damage to clothing.

     o Children in diapers must wear a reusable plastic pant/swim diaper with snug elasticized legs and waistband.

     o Access may be denied on the play structure if swimwear is non-compliant.

Water wings and all inflatables are not allowed in the pool area. 

You may bring personal toys that are acceptable for a pool. Beach toys are not acceptable. 

No snorkels. Masks and fins are allowed.

Life jackets are available. You may bring your own U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices.

     o  Life jackets are not a substitute for adult supervision.

No pool access allowed during lifeguard safety breaks.

Do not move or sit on the safety rope or lane line markers.

No food or gum on the pool deck, in the pool or locker rooms.

Non-alcoholic beverages in non-glass containers only.

We do not supply towels. Towels can be purchased at the Welcome Desk

The sauna may be used by ages 13+. Minors (13- 15 yrs.) must be accompanied by an adult.


Youth 9 years of age and younger, guardians must be in the Gym/Track area.

Youth ages 10-12 can be in the gym area unaccompanied. 

     o A parent or guardian must be in the building.

Recreation Attendants will assist with any equipment needs (balls, nets, bleachers).

NO DUNKING or hanging on rims.

Use equipment for manufacturer intended use only.

•  No food or gum in the gymnasium.

•  Water in sealable non-glass containers only.

Please wear a 2nd pair of clean non-marking shoes that have not been worn outside.

No throwing or kicking balls and equipment at the ceiling, windows or indoor track area.


Fitness Center & Studio

•  Youth in the Fitness Center

     o  Youth under the age of 13 are not allowed in the Fitness Center.

     o  Fitness Center 101 Course

          •  Available for youth ages 13-17. 

          •  This class allows youth to be in the Fitness Center without adult supervision.

     o  Fitness Center Waiver

          •  Waiver must be signed prior to Fitness Center use.

          •  Youth 13-15 can use the Fitness Center only under Direct Supervision of an adult guardian.

          •  Youth 16-17 are welcome to use the Fitness Center with adult guardian consent.

30 min max usage on cardio machines when others are waiting.

•  No food or gum in the Fitness Center/Studio.

•  Water in sealable non-glass containers only.

Please wear a 2nd pair of clean, non-marking shoes that have not been worn outside.

     o Shoes are required in the Fitness Center.

     o Open toe shoes are not allowed.

Bring your own ear buds or headphones to access television audio.

Spotters are helpful, use one :)

•  Life over Muscles: know your limits and be safe.

Use wipes to clean off only the seats, arm handles and arm rests. Please, DO NOT wipe down monitors.

Unless otherwise noted, group fitness classes are reserved for individuals 16 years of age and older.

It is recommended that participants bring water and a towel to health and fitness classes.

Indoor Track

Please wear a 2nd pair of clean non-marking shoes that have not been worn outside.

No gymnasium equipment allowed on the track.

No standing or spectating while on the track. 

    o  Continuous movement within the lane lines is required.

    o  Stretching and other activities should be conducted outside the white lane lines.

Be aware of walking and jogging lanes and the direction in which you will be moving.

    o Inner lane: walking

    o Outer lane: jogging and speed walking

    o Clockwise: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

    o Counter-Clockwise: Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday 

18 Laps to a mile.

No food or gum.

Water in non-glass containers on


Upper Multipurpose Room

Put any games or equipment away when you are finished.

Reset furniture as you found it.

Group Guidelines

See documentation below for information regarding groups in center.

  A group is defined as:

12 or more individuals belonging to a recognized organization or established group